DEAR HILLARY: Have You Seen This Pic Of Bill, Donald, Melania & A Hot PLAYMATE?

Just last year Hillary said she didn’t know Trump ‘that well’. These pictures show that Bill seemed to know him. (Where was Hillary, anyway?)

Trump and Bill were both at the 2000 U.S. Open tournament in separate private boxes.

Bill apparently dropped by Trump’s box to say, ‘Hello’.

The photos were taken by official White House Photographers.


The Clinton Presidential Library has released nearly two dozen photos of Donald Trump socializing with President Bill Clinton — including one that shows the two men with their arms around Trump’s then-girlfriend, Melania, and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kylie Bax — images from a collection that underscores just how chummy Trump once was with the president and his wife Hillary.

The 22 pictures were taken by official White House photographers in June 2000 during a visit the president paid to Trump Tower in New York City for a political fundraiser, and in September 2000, during the U.S. Open tournament in Flushing Meadows, New York.

Some of the photos taken in a private box at the tennis tournament appear to reflect a jovial mood. Trump’s future wife, Melania, and Bax — clad in a baby blue and white Playboy bunny T-shirt — are laughing in one image, while in others Bill Clinton smiled broadly as the real estate mogul seemed to be cracking jokes.

The photos are reminiscent of the much-hyped photo of Bill and Hillary Clinton warmly laughing with Donald and Melania Trump at the Trumps’ wedding in 2005. In August of last year, as the election season heated up, Hillary Clinton explained that she had thought it would be “fun” to attend the nuptials, which was Trump’s third marriage.

“I didn’t know him that well,” Clinton said last year. “I mean, I knew him. I knew him and I happened to be planning to be in Florida, and I thought it’d be fun to go to his wedding because it’s always entertaining.”

Bax, who insists she was never Trump’s girlfriend, has some glowing praise for her friend:

In interviews last month, the New Zealand native said she would vote for Trump if she could.
“It may be scary for people to think of him as being the President, but I think he will do an outstanding job,” Bax told Fairfax Media. “He’d take his friends to the tennis, for example, the US Open – he had a box there….When we’d go through Spanish Harlem or one of the poorer areas, if anyone recognized him they’d all yell, wave. They love him. The poorer communities are very supportive of him.”



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