Cops Turn Their Backs On NYC Mayor De Blasio As A Sign Of Protest!

Bill de Blasio was boycotted by NYPD officers during the funeral of killed cop Miosotis Familia on Tuesday in as a sign of protest due to his decision to head to Germany this previous week hours following her death. Familia, who was 48-year-old single mother-of-three, was shot dead in The Bronx as she was writing notes in her patrol car in the early morning of July 5.

Her murderer, utterly schizophrenic Anthony Bonds, 34, was gunned down by different police officers as he attempted to escape. Back on Tuesday, thousands of people overpacked World Changers Church in The Bronx in order to pay their respects for Familia. The moment de Blasio showed up on screen, some cops turned their backs on him in a sign of protest due to his decision to head to Hamburg this previous week hours after the killing.

This trip infuriated the people of New York City and grabbed the attention of President Trump who legitimately criticized him on Twitter. Back ob Tuesday, de Blasio, in an evident try to redeem himself, gave a wannabe heartwarming speech calling for a more massive support of police officers.

Disregarding the protest outside, he stated: ‘We’ve watched with horror these attacks on our police here in New York City and all around our country. It sickens us, and we know they cannot be tolerated, and we know they must end.’ ‘But in fact,’ he continued, ‘we must end it. It’s not a one-way street, my friends. We must help our police in every way, just as we ask them to help us in our moment of need. … They need us to be their eyes and ears. They need our solidarity and support.’

‘Where are the demonstrations for the single mom who cared for her elderly mother and three children?” he questioned to a massive, prolonged standing ovation from a crowd filled with officers.

‘There is anger and sorrow, but why is there no outrage?’ De Blasio segued to label Familia a ‘beautiful New York City story’ and stated she ’embodied the American spirit’. ‘She embodied the American dream’ and “a beautiful New York City story,’ de Blasio stated Tuesday, labeling Familia a hero who “lived life the right way.”

The policemen’s protest looked like that of the 2015 funeral of Wenjian Liu who was also murdered by a police-despising attacker. Back then, officers were certain de Blasio was against them.

Back on Tuesday, the mayor demanded condemning of the Familia’s death and stated the public should stand in line with the force as much as they could.

Remembering their last conversation, the woman’s 20-year-old daughter Genesis barely stated choked in tears: ‘She said “I love you, I’m going to work now.” And she gave me a really big, tight hug, and I said, “I love you, mom.” … I asked her for one more hug. She said, “of course, you can.”‘

Her 12-year-old brother Peter stated: ‘She was brave enough to do that knowing that there’s consequences, like danger, but she loved us. ‘She wanted to sacrifice for us, so she did it.’

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill held his own tears back as he spoke to the family.

‘Nothing I could say could bring your mom back. But I can make you this promise: your mom didn’t die in vain.’

‘Your mom’s legacy will never fade from the importance of memory. Your mom made it her mission to make your home, New York City, a better and safer place for everyone.’

‘And I vow to you, we will continue to find our way forward in her honor, because that’s what cops do.’

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