CONFIRMED: Russia Comes Forward, Exposes Plot to FRAME President Donald J. Trump

The deep state and the press continue to attempt to paint President Trump as a Russian agent, but new information reveals he was framed.

Liberal news outlets Slate, and the failing New York Times reported late last year that one of Donald Trump’s email servers was secretly communicating with Alfa Bank, a private Russian bank. After investigating the claims, the bank says the contact was the result of a hacker, stating: “the cyberattacks are an attempt by unknown parties to manufacture the illusion of contact.” (via CNN)

All of these supposed Russian connections seem to follow a similar and sinister trend that may indicate that the deep state, or other similar forces, are orchestrating a coordinated attack against President Trump.

Once they obtain the information, journalists will lie, and twist the innocuous data to frame Trump as a Russian agent. We saw this happen when Michael Flynn was forced to resign. An “anonymous insider” leaked information that Flynn had communicated with Russia. This was, of course, innocent and a part of his job. But the press lied, and pushed for his resignation.

Now, this scandal that accuses President Trump of secret communications with Russian agents follows the exact same trend — and it is equally, if not more, absurd.

An anonymous source, with no connections to any organization, who goes by the moniker “Tea Leaves” secretly released DNS logs to the press that show that the email account was receiving queries from the Russian bank. These queries are not nefarious, and they do not prove communication. Yet, upon receiving the information, liberal journalists used this as “proof” that Trump is secretly a Russian agent.

But, like all of the supposed Trump scandals, there is nothing here. This was all based on the DNS logs, which are equivalent to looking up a phone number in a phone book. Looking up a number does not mean you have actually called someone, even if you look that number up a thousand times.

Not only is there no proof of communication, but the email server in question does not belong to President Trump. Instead, it is owned and operated by the advertising agency Cendyn, who is contracted by Trump Hotels to advertise their services. The DNS queries are most likely the result of a spam blocker that decided to block these advertisements.

So, again, an anonymous source leaked a non-story to the press. Yet, like a pack of hungry dogs, the press pounced, and claimed that this was proof that Trump and Putin are in cahoots. When Tea Leaves revealed the story, he left out an example of some of the emails sent by the email server and, of course, it is just an ad offering a discount to stay at a Trump Hotel.

After the information was reported by the press, hackers started to attack the bank and the email server to make it appear that there is ongoing communication between President Trump and Russia. Alfa Bank claims that hackers have “manufactured this deceit by ‘spoofing’ or falsifying DNS lookups to create the impression of communication between Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization.”

Something strange is occurring, as numerous anonymous sources are coming out to reveal scandals that are based on nothing. This appears to be a coordinated attempt to destroy President Trump from the inside, but We the People will not be fooled.

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