CONFIRMED: CNN Caught FAKING Photo to Hurt Donald Trump. It’s Bad.

CNN‘s latest fake news screw up didn’t stop their lambasting of Trump’s administration for making statements they claim are false and can be fact-checked quickly.

The struggling mainstream media outlet released a photo intended to embarrass President Trump, but one person in the array who supposedly now opposes the temporary travel ban has been dead since last year! CNN has cast journalistic integrity into the wind and barely paused to wave buh-bye to their fleeting ethics.


The CNN photo array of eight former top United States officials included a photo of the wrong John McLaughlin. The image in the now viral fake news fail actually showed a picture of the host of the “The McLaughlin Group” public affairs show.
The “Clinton News Network” had intended to present a photo of former CIA Director John McLaughlin. A staffer should have caught the embarrassing error, but it seems the folks at CNN really just don’t care at all about accuracy anymore.

The last time CNN had decent ratings was when Donald Trump called in for phone interviews. Their wholly biased, inaccurate news coverage of the then candidate and now president has nixed plans for any future contact.
Liberal mainstream media talking heads love to wrap themselves in their supposed professionalism while mocking new media outlets as being mere basement blogger loons. CNN and a host of other television outlets have not been professional journalists or true members of the free press for a very long time — their coverage of Barack Obama over the last eight years proved as much.

CNN spends about the first half hour of their morning show, New Day, mocking President Trump on a daily basis. They loathe his Twitter habits out of spite.
How dare the president bypass the biased press and speak directly to We the People? The modern day version of the fireside chat is going to continue over the next four (hopefully eight) years, and CNN will continue to cover — or lambaste — during every hour of their coverage.

Americans no longer trust the mainstream media. Too few of network and cable news reporters can disguise their liberal bias long enough to get through a single episode of their respective shows.

President Donald Trump doesn’t need the mainstream media, which perhaps is what angers the liberal pundits the most. He didn’t need them to get elected, and he really doesn’t need their air time now that he is busy making America great again.

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