“Please Shut Up”, CNN Producer Caught On Camera Bashing Lib Chris Cuomo

Jimmy Carr, the producer of CNN’s New Day, and all of CNN are in hot water following the release of an undercover video taken by Project Veritas featuring Carr saying that voters are “stupid as shit.”

Project Veritas just put out another video that’s perhaps even more damning than the first, depicting Carr talking trash about prominent liberal CNN anchor, saying that he and other CNN employees are tired of listening to him and want him to “please shut up.”

Says Jimmy in the video, “It came out and we were all going: ‘Oh my God, how is this guy [CNN producer John Bonifield] so stupid, he’s talking to everyone and telling… Saying X,Y, Z about CNN.’ Then I went… ‘Well, I talked to the couple of guys in a bar on Friday afternoon and I said things that we wouldn’t normally say.’”

Continues Carr, “I mean granted, anything I’ve said to you I would defend on the record. I don’t think I said anything wrong.” Then Carr zeroes in on Chris Cuomo, implying that Cuomo is keeping his job because he has “a brother who’s the governor,” referring toDemocratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Says Carr in the video to the undercover Project Veritas investigator about Cuomo, “I cannot technically say anything, but I can simply say there’s a lot of us that spend a lot of time in the newsroom criticizing just the same points. We just can’t stand the guy, like the way he talks. We’re like ‘Please shut up.’” Do you think Carr is right about obnoxious liberal Chris Cuomo? Watch below:


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