Clinton Wants Illegal Immigrants To Vote, How Is That Possible?

Hillary Clinton will say and do anything she can to ensure that someone will vote for her. Even if that includes agreeing with stupid statements. Last Friday a person reporting for telemundo was complaining to the Democratic presidential nominee that illegal immigrants are, “not criminals.”

Yes you read that correctly. Lori Montenegro actually said that illegal immigrants are not criminals. Well the fact that they are not here in this country legally kind of contradicts that statement.

If they were here legally, then they wouldn’t be deported. Montenegro took issue with the fact that people who were here illegally were being deported. Well then what are we supposed to do? Not deport them?

That isn’t a solution. They need to be deported so that it proves to the rest of the people trying to get into the country that if you do not do so legally, then you will find yourself leaving the country.

This is part of the reason that the Latino community doesn’t want to vote for Donald Trump. He is going to close the borders to ensure that people do not continue coming into this country. Well that doesn’t sit well with the illegal immigrants, so they are going to turn to the Democrats to save them.

The fact that people, mostly democrats, are complaining that the people are being deported is incredibly stupid. News flash people, they are not here legally. They shouldn’t get the rights that natural citizens have.

Yes the United States is a fantastic place to live. But if you want to live here, then you need to come here legally. Ever wonder why the border patrol keeps sending people back? Because it is a crime to come over here illegally.

Montenegro had this to say. “There are people not criminals that are deported daily from this country.” Except for the fact that they are criminals because they aren’t here legally.

Perhaps the most aggravating part of this was the fact that Clinton was nodding along to this, as if she was agreeing with what was being said. This wasn’t the first time that someone with the last name of “Clinton” was trying to appeal to the illegal community.

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