Citizens In Alabama Refuse To Let Sharia Law Pass

According to recent reports, Alabama recently took a major step to protect their state from Sharia law.

Amendment One of the state’s constitution now prohibits foreign law from being used to decide cases in Alabama courts. The amendment, originally drafted by Birmingham attorney Eric Johnston, passed easily.

“I put in about three years of work on it,” Johnston told reporters. “We were just trying to do something legal, not political.”

The amendment was sponsored by State Sen. Gerald Allen. The measure ultimately passed by a margin of about 72 percent to 28 percent. Now, the responsibility falls on a legislative committee to determined how it will be numbered and under which article it will fall.

“Your constitutional rights are not affected by it,” Johnston told reporters, arguing that the measure does not undermine the religious rights of Muslims or anyone else. “We’ve got a religious freedom amendment in Alabama. All it says is pay attention to the religious freedom amendment. Women’s rights are compromised by Sharia rights if a lawyer in a custody case says, ‘Islam requires you to do this.’ It’s a help to judges. It doesn’t create any new laws.”

Of course, liberals have been quick to call the amendment racist.

What do you think? Do you support this protective measure?


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