Chris Wallace insults Ben Carson: ‘Do you worry that you’re being used as a prop for black voters’

Is this what the presidential debate will sound like with Fox News host Chris Wallace moderating?
Wallace pitched a fairly insulting, and to some a racist queston to Dr. Ben Carson Sunday because he’s a black Donald Trump supporter.
Trump and Carson made an appearance at a black congregation in Carson’s home town of Detroit over the weekend.
Clip via Fox News Channel
“Do you worry that you’re being used as a prop for black voters and that supporting Donald Trump will end up hurting your credibility in the black community?” Wallace asked, after observing that some Latinos for Trump quit the campaign after his immigration speech.

It’s not about me,” Carson asserted. “It’s about our nation.”
Trump is saying nothing in his speeches that’s any different from what former President Bill Clinton said in his 1995 State of the Union address, Carson noted.
“Donald Trump is changing that narrative and is really starting to talk about this in a very serious way,” Carson said earlier in the segment. “And what it’s going to be accomplished is something that many in the Democrat Party fear and that is an alternative.”
Carson asserted that the Democratic Party has failed American cities.
“They’ve been in charge of our cities for a long time. If our inner cities are weak and are not prospering, how can our entire nation prosper?” he asked.
“The city I grew up in, Detroit, was once the most prosperous city in the United States, some people say in the world,” Carson said. “From there it went to the largest bankruptcy – that was not a coincidence . And we see that in our large cities across the nation under Democratic control.”

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