Chris Brown Threatens Trump And The Police: ‘Black People, Go Together 40, 50 Deep’

Not too long ago, Donald Trump was forced to cancel a rally in Chicago due to violent protests where rioters were going head-to-head.

Rather than acknowledging that the protesters had gotten out of control, the liberal media decided to blame Trump for the cancellation, claiming that he was responsible for Americans attacking one another.

Never mind the fact that it was the anti-Trump supporters who encouraged the violence.

“Man, this s*** is getting crazy,” Grammy winning artists Chris Brown wrote on his Instagram account. “Black people getting assaulted at f***ing rallies where you’re supposed to talk at.”

He then went on to encourage protesters, even asking them to escalate their attempts to shut Trump down.

“What you need to start doing—all these black people, go together 40, 50 deep,” he continued. “See what they do then. Keep touching us, motherf****ers. F*** Trump and f*** the pigs. Without our black culture, Asian culture, Latin culture, Muslims and any race that you don’t approve of help you to be the f*** you are.”


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