CAUGHT: CNN Forced to Apologize For Doctoring Violent Milwaukee Video

Oh CNN. I really do have a love/hate relationship with that entire organization of unapologetic leftist hacks. CNN shamelessly pushes narratives in the digital equivalent of broad daylight, while claiming to be a serious news organization. Along comes the internet and bursts their delusional bubble.

Here’s what happened. Sister of slain Syville Smith from Milwaukee voiced her honest thoughts. Ten points for sincerity.


You saw and heard that correctly. Sherelle encourages protesters to stop burning “their own sh!t,” and to refocus the pyrotechnics on the ‘burbs.

CNN found this displeasing. Well one does. The sister is, after all, encouraging violence. Violence in the suburbs, an area which is stereotypically white. But rather than air it as is, CNN got a little creative, deciding to cut away from the part where the sister calls for MOAR FIRE.

Here, lemme show you:

Uh huh. Now some might call that “editing for time.” I call that “editing to be deceptive little dingleberries.” This story burned up Reddit, for reasons I’ve already explained.

Well apparently the heat got a bit too intense for CNN. What with everyone calling them out for the douche-dispenseriess they clearly are. They were forced to “apologize” for their little whoopsie, and did so by slipping it in with another segment. Blink and you’ll miss it.

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