Carson Post Telling Hillary Exactly Who “Deplorables” Are Just Exploded Across Web

Dr. Ben Carson has had enough of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. In Clinton’s latest attack on conservative Americas, she denounced supporters of GOP nominee Donald Trump as “deplorables.”

Now, that’s not a word, but that wasn’t the only thing wrong with such a backward statement.

Carson’s response, posted Tuesday on Facebook, rebutted, point by point, so many of the left’s attacks that it was simply too good not to share.

“In a very telling moment, Hillary Clinton maligned me and millions of other Americans as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic ‘deplorables.’

“I’m so tired of this line of attack that normally taunts conservatives. Well, let me be very specific in my response. I believe in expanding opportunity, not welfare; that’s not racist.

“I believe every life is worth protecting, particularly the unborn; that doesn’t make me sexist.

“I believe marriage is between one man and one woman; that’s not homophobic.

“I believe in borders, the rule of law and our sovereign right to decide who to let into our country; that’s not xenophobic.

“I believe radical Islam is a mortal threat to America and Western civilization; that is common sense, not Islamophobia.”

Carson could, at this point, just drop the proverbial mic and walk off the public forum.

You can read the entire post here:

Carson has also started a new initiative known as “Fight for the Court,” which he is chairing. Its purpose “is about explaining and protecting our constitutional values.”

If it’s half as effective as his defense of conservatism, liberals might want to take notice.


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