Californian Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters is telling the public that Donald Trump should be impeached, but her reasoning is absolutely ridiculous!

“If we discover that Donald Trump or his advocates played a role to help provide strategy — if they’re the ones who came up with ‘Crooked Hillary’…I think that is something that would put the question squarely on the table whether or not he should be impeached,” Waters stated on MSNBC.

So, Waters thinks that Donald Trump should be impeached for things that were said about Hillary Clinton, such as the fact that she’s crooked or that she was “ill” during her campaign? Am I hearing that right?

She claims that if Trump and his campaign are the ones who came up with these things against Clinton, it was to determine the outcome of the election. Well, duh, that’s what all politicians do.

Even Obama said terrible things about Hillary Clinton when they competed for the Democrat nomination in 2008, and when he won, they suddenly became the best of friends. And Hillary Clinton and her campaign said truly terrible things about Donald Trump and made sure to have all the information against him that they could.

One such example was the hot mic moment of Donald Trump with Billy Bush, which “happened” to come out over a decade later when Trump was conveniently running for president. Or the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign bribed the mainstream media to only report the ugly things about Trump.

What about the proof, caught on camera by Project Veritas, that Democrat operatives were influencing the election for Hillary Clinton? These operatives worked for her campaign! And the liberals are trying to blame Trump for the fact that Hillary Clinton looked like she was about to keel over during her campaign?

Once again, liberals are scrambling to change the outcome of something they can’t change. They tried to get a recount, tried to blame Russia, and tried who knows what else. We’ve all heard the spiel—they are liberals always trying to get their way.

They’re planning his impeachment before he’s even been sworn in. They’re not even willing to give him a chance at the presidency before they try to kick him out! The Democrats labeled Trump as a racist and a bigot, yet what Trump said is somehow more damning?

Sorry your candidate was actually a crook and that she wasn’t good at cleaning up her messes, liberals. But it’s not our fault that you only elect slimy, power hungry crooks and criminals to represent you.

The liberals can keep trying to pin Donald Trump with whatever they can, but the American people know the truth now, and it’s not likely to be forgotten. We know that the Democrat party is corrupt, and that’s why we elected Trump in the first place. The American people won control of the government, and nothing is going to change that.

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