C.I.A. Links Top Clinton Donor, George Soros, to Terrorist Bombing (Videos)

When it comes to George Soros, it’s probably safe to assume well informed people around the globe fall into one of two camps. There are those who come from a socialist, or a communist background, and they see see Soros as one of the world’s wealthiest men, who often acts as a financier to fight capitalism and freedom wherever the opportunity presents itself. As a boy, Soros was a Nazi sympathizer during WWII, and the rest of his adult life he’s maintained intimate ties to Socialism and Communism. Furthermore, Soros is often viewed or perceived as the “front man” for many of the other uber elites around the world, many of whom are members of exclusive secret societies including as the Bilderberg Group and the Illuminati.

In the other camp, are those who value freedom, liberty, and free market capitalism, and they therefore see George Soros as an “untouchable terrorist” because of his wealth and power. George Soros is the man behind the heinous organizationmoveon.org, and in recent years has funded uprisings and riots at events including those in: Ukraine, the Arab Spring, Ferguson, Baltimore, Occupy Wall Street,and most recently Soros is bankrolling the wretched group Black Lives Matter, as well as the group “Democracy Spring,” which is promising to bring about the “largest civil disobedience action of the century” if they don’t get their way in the 2016 elections. Anyone recall if there was any violence or deaths at the aforementioned events? Exactly!

As far back as when Soros was a young man during Nazi occupied Hungary, Soros always traded currencies on the black market. Gradually, over the years, while mastering his craft, Soros became one of the wealthiest men on earth in the process. During that period, he’s come to be known in global currency markets as, “The Currency Killer.” That will be important later. For now, just realize that George Soros’ primary business is importing chaos into regions he needs destabilized for his own personal gain.

Based on that premise, it should be easy to understand what Alex Jones is talking about in the first video below, which is how the CIA has tied Soros, who happens to be a HUGE Hillary Clinton financial backer, with having ties to a terrorists. As you read this post, keep in your mind that THIS is the company Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have long ben in bed with politically, and funded by in many of their exploits. Obama is a Soros favorite.

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