BUSTED: Clinton Criticizes Foreign Gov’t Money… Then Trump Makes His Move

In recent weeks, Hillary Clinton has started speaking out against foreign money influencing American politics, and Donald Trump has constantly called her to for being a complete and utter hypocrite.

In a speech given on June 26, Clinton railed against big money in politics, saying that there is no accountability and the American people won’t know who is influencing members of their government.

“It’s getting to the point where we have no idea where money is coming from. It’s not being disclosed. It could be foreign government money, it could be criminal cartel money … we’ll never know,” she stated.

That was a big mistake on her part, because it gave presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump an opportunity to pounce on Clinton and show the world what a hypocrite she is when it comes to foreign money.

You can watch Clinton’s remarks below — the relevant statement begins at 0:50.

Trump posted a graph on his Facebook page that detailed out the millions of dollars her foundation has received from foreign governments over the years — some of whom aren’t very friendly to the U.S..

The list included countries like Saudi Arabia (a country that likes to execute homosexuals), Qatar (which is a hotbed of Islamic terrorism), and the United Arab Emirates (a country that oppresses women).

Source :conservativetribune.com

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