Bruce Willis SHAMES Trump-Haters With Perfect Gift to 500 Exhausted Firefighters

Bruce Willis proves Hollywood isn’t entirely filled with self-absorbed liberals. The anti-Trump hordes will hate that the actor actually aided those who serve and protect!

“Like all of my fellow Idaho residents, I want to extend my most sincere and grateful thanks to the firefighters and first-responders, which include the helicopter and airplane pilots who have been flying for day in and day out, who risked life and limb to battle the horrific Beaver Creek Fire in Idaho,” Willis said.

Bruce Willis came to the aid of local heroes who were risking their lives to help others and save millions of dollars worth of property, livestock, and valuable farmland. Willis sent 500 firefighters battling the Beaver Creek wildfires in Idaho both a full lunch and dinner.

Willis had the meals catered to each and every one of the incredibly exhausted firefighters going above and beyond to stop the fires raging in the Beaver Creek region, Independent Journal Review reports. The mainstream media gave the massive blazes little to no coverage — they were too busy pushing their pro-Obama fake news agenda.

The Beaver Creek wildfires destroyed about $30 million worth of property. The wildfire encompassed approximately 104,000 acres of land.

“You are the men and women who put your lives at risk to protect ours on a daily basis, but it is at moments like these that your heroism comes to the forefront of our nation’s consciousness. On behalf of me and my family, please know that there will never be enough words to express our deepest appreciation for your ever-present dedication and bravery,” the Die Hard star added.

The movie star owns property in Beaver Creek. The grateful firefighters sent one heck of a thank you note to the movie star. The epic wildfire was nicknamed “the beast.” It raged alongside the Sun Valley region — the luxurious playground of the rich and famous.

With so very many wealthy liberals frequenting the area, you would think more than one Hollywood type with deep pockets would attempt to give back to the people hurt by the blaze. Nah, they prefer to spend OUR money to help others, not their own!

Willis’s selfless act of generosity earned him a one-of-a-kind fountain created out of pipes and nozzles from the grateful firefighters. He, like President Donald Trump, is a superb example of what America is truly all about.

Perhaps the actor’s liberal Hollywood peers will learn from his example. If they step outside of their fragile bubbles once in a while, they just might learn a whole lot about our country and the people in it.


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