BREAKING: White House Makes STUNNING Move To Protect Hillary… This Is SICK

During the Tuesday press conference in which he announced that he did not intend to recommend charges be pressed against Hillary Clinton for her personal email server scandal during her time at the Department of Justice, FBI Director James Comey noted that when someone does what Hillary Clinton did, “those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions.”

Republican legislators took Comey at his word. House Speaker Paul Ryan, in a rare show of proactive spine, urged the White House to withhold classified intelligence briefings from the presumptive Democrat nominee because of her alleged transgressions.

So, what was the White House’s response? Yeah, no.

According to The Hill, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that it was “longstanding tradition” for major party presidential nominees to receive such reports, no matter what the FBI might recommend.

“What the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has indicated is that they expect those briefings to move forward after the party conventions,” Earnest told reporters Wednesday.

“And the expectation that the DNI has is that they’ll provide the same information to both candidates,” he added. “We should leave those decisions in the hands of our intelligence professionals and not risk them being sullied by the political debate.”

Earnest then raised issues about Trump’s fitness to receive such reports, even though no suggestion has yet been given that he’s committed a crime. Nice work.

The American public has repeatedly expressed concern over Hillary Clinton’s fitness to hold office, and not just Republicans. However, the administration doesn’t seem to hear these calls, even as the director of the FBI admits that she knowingly shared classified information on her private email server.

If the administration were serious about holding Hillary Clinton to account, they would take away her classified briefings. It is the very least that Obama could do to make sure classified information isn’t transferred into the wrong hands

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