BREAKING – When Hillary Arrived At The Inauguration, The Crowd Had THIS Message for Her

Bill and Hillary Clinton actually showed up to the inauguration of Donald Trump. Clinton walked right into the lion’s den, and the people were not afraid to speak their minds.

When it was announced that the Clintons were at the inauguration, the crowd started booing and chanting, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” (via Philadelphia CBS).

In one presidential debate, Donald Trump stated that Hillary Clinton should be thrown in jail for her crimes during her stint as secretary of state.

Americans agreed and adopted the catch phrase “lock her up” to express that agreement.

Hillary Clinton, ever the “polished politician,” stated that she was attending the inauguration to “honor our democracy,” but I’m sure she just wanted the photo op and to look like a martyr to the liberals.

But the people in the crowds today at the inauguration ceremony are the people who worked hard to make sure that Donald Trump was elected over Crooked Hillary.

I can’t believe she just walked in as if she hadn’t said horrible things about Trump and all of the Americans who support him.

Hillary Clinton has always been a sore loser, and she looked every bit the part when she arrived. The disgust and anger on her face was very apparent when the camera’s first caught her. However, she was quick to put that fake smile on her face when she realized the video was rolling.

The American people are still against the woman who betrayed national security and who still thinks she was a suitable candidate for president. The fact that’s she’s a woman has nothing to do with it—we didn’t elect her because of her corrupt actions in the government.

The Democrats can blame Russia all they want and make up information about Trump, but he still won the election and will be moving into the White House. We have chosen correctly, and that fact becomes clearer every single day. Now, because of the efforts of the American people, Trump is going to drain the swamp and make America great again.

It is because of the people of this nation that we will endure and strengthen! Because of us, criminals will not rule over the land of the free and the home of the brave!

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