BREAKING – Was The Clinton Foundation Just Hacked?

The Clinton Foundation has been in the news lately for all of the wrong reasons. It’s looking more and more like the Clintons are up to their old tricks again, but now the Clinton Foundation (read: slush fund) has something new to worry about.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s philanthropic foundation hired the security firm FireEye to examine their data systems because they were concerned the systems may have been hacked, per

Two sources close to the examination say the alleged hacking was similar to other incidents of hacking in recent weeks.

Like the hackers who targeted the Democratic National Committee, Clinton’s presidential campaign, and the congressional fundraising committee, the hackers used a “spear phishing” technique in order to gain access.

The attacks were similar to other hacking activities from Russian groups, leading many within the Clinton campaign to believe they were from the same source.

Clinton foundation lawyer Kathryn Ruemmler declined to comment, and FireEye said the company could not discuss any of its clients either.

In what some might call an admission of guilt, Clinton officials were openly concerned about the possibility that the hackers could have obtained emails that could reinforce Republican charges that donors to the Clinton Foundation were rewarded with special access to the Clintons.

WikiLeaks is another concern because it might continue to release emails damaging to her campaign.

Some are calling on the Obama administration to publicly blame the Kremlin for the cyberattacks, but Obama might be hesitant to do so, considering he doesn’t want the issue to escalate.

Of course, the fact that his former secretary of state kept a home-brew private email server was hugely problematic, and it has continued to lead to Clinton’s cyberspace activities being a target. Clinton’s illegal use of an insecure server should be a serious red flag for any individuals who want to continue supporting the former first lady.


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