BREAKING – Vermont Town Fights Back, Declares War on Fake Islamic ‘Refugees’

Many Americans don’t want refugees in their states because they have seen what they have done in Europe. And those many Americans do not want the same to happen here.

In the city of Rutland, Vermont, the citizens sent an open letter to the mayor calling for him to reverse his decision to resettle 100 Syrian refugees in their city in 2017, as per The Daily Caller.

So far, Mayor Christopher Louras is refusing to budge on the issue. He is defending his decision by claiming that the town’s population is declining and that the addition of Syrian refugees will bring cultural diversity.

In reality, this will only bring cultural clashes. As we’ve seen throughout Europe, many refugees from Syria are inclined to attack people who believe and act differently than they do.

Further, these Syrian refugees are Muslim, and among them are quite a few followers of radicalized Islam, a form that is incapable of tolerating people from Western nations who follow different religions.

While some refugees are more moderate practitioners of Islam in America or Europe, others target Westerners for non-compliance to Muslim cultural norms. Some even seek to change Western nations to mirror the nation they were born in.

That’s the difference between Christianity and Islam. Christians spread the message of their religion without harming anyone or taking away someone’s freedom to practice another religion. However, many Muslim leaders preach that more aggressive methods should be used to convert people and limit their freedoms.

Rutland’s mayor also says he wants to bring in Syrian refugees because there are not enough young people in the town to secure its future and help its economy. However, millennials are known to move out of areas that don’t reflect their values (including moving to more conservative areas, but liberals would never tell you that).

The cultural conflicts created by Syrian refugees, and the likely higher crime rates that result, will likely cause the young people remaining in Rutland to relocate.

The citizens of Rutland formed a group on social media called Rutland First and wrote an open letter that stated, “Rutland First DOES NOT condone violence of any kind towards ANYONE. We may disagree with the mayor’s actions of bringing refugees to our community for a variety of different reasons, BUT never have we wanted harm to come to any human being.”

After the letter was published, seven of the 11 local officials have contacted the State Department about the refugees and have said they have very limited resources to deal with refugees.

The officials have also addressed the fact that “a significant part of our community has also grown anxious about the program.” I’m glad to see officials actually responding to the concerns of We the People—hopefully, this mayor will soon hear us out too.

“We’re kind of stuck out here, with our level of economic depression, with our level of crime and drug issues,” said Rutland resident Dr. Timothy Cook. “We’re the ones who are going to have to foot the bill for this.”

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