BREAKING – Trump Signs New ‘Travel Ban,’ FBI Immediately Makes STUNNING Announcement

The old travel ban is still stuck in federal court purgatory, and Donald Trump has decided he can’t wait any longer to secure our borders.

Donald Trump has signed a new travel ban. The order includes an FBI statement, which revealed that 300 refugees are “currently the subjects of counter-terrorism investigations.” (via CNN)

The simple fact is 300 potential terrorists is 300 too many. This just proves that the liberal agenda is putting our country in danger and we MUST have a ban to protect our soil from terrorists!

We need to pause our immigration process and figure out how these suspicious characters are avoiding being detected in our current vetting system. While liberals are willing to see American blood pour down the streets to push their agenda, We the People are not!

President Trump’s new travel ban will come into effect on March 17. It has actually increased the general ban on six of the seven countries from 90 to 120 days.

The seventh country, Iraq, has been dropped from the list entirely. President Trump sent over Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to check out Iraq’s own vetting procedures.

Trump also personally spoke to the Iraqi Prime Minister, and had Vice President Mike Pence follow-up with the foreign leader, discussing the country’s procedures at their border.

With excellent negotiation skills, the Trump Administration was able to get details out of the Iraqi leaders that they were never willing to share with Obama. It turns out that their vetting system is more robust than previously thought, so they were dropped altogether from the ban, at least temporarily.

The ban also no longer indefinitely bars Syrian immigrants from entering our country. While popular among We the People, who understand the war-torn country just can’t keep track of their own citizens right now, the Ninth Circuit Court had a real problem with this element of the original ban. I imagine this element was dropped just so that no one would bring this Executive Order to the court.

Really, this gives the American people the best of both worlds. For now, potentially dangerous immigrants are kept at home, for 120 days. In that time, the original order will make it through the Supreme Court, at which time the ban on Syrian immigrants will be increased indefinitely.

What a brilliant maneuver from the Trump Administration! These are exactly the kind of results we’ve come to expect from President Trump, and I’m thrilled he’s come through for us again.

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