BREAKING: Trump Shocks In Newest Poll

Many of the polls released by the liberal media in recent weeks have shown Republican nominee Donald Trump significantly behind Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Liberals have been cheering these polls, convinced that Clinton will win in a landslide come November. However, a new poll from the Los Angeles Times painted a vastly different picture — one liberals aren’t going to be too happy about.

The Los Angeles Time tracking poll asked roughly 400 people (out of a pool of 3,000) every day their feelings on Trump and Clinton in order to see how each candidate’s popularity fluctuated in the minds of the American people.

As of today, the poll showed that when it comes for who people will vote for, Trump was only behind Clinton by 0.6 percent, well within in the poll’s margin of error. What this means is that Trump and Clinton are statistically tied — even though the liberal media keeps insisting Clinton is far ahead.


The poll showed that for a brief time after the Democrat convention, the number of people who said they would vote for Trump decreased sharply, but it has since risen.

Also of note, when respondents were asked who they intended to vote for, Trump voters only trailed Clinton voters by 0.2 percent, again well within the margin of error.

poll 2

When asked who they think will win, respondents overwhelmingly chose Clinton, perhaps because of the horrible past few weeks Trump has been having thanks to the incredibly biased media.

poll 3

Regardless, this tracking poll showed that Trump has actually been doing much better than many of the pollsout there show him doing.

A lot could still happen between now and election day (and undoubtedly a lot will happen), but for now Trump is in a comfortable place and has plenty of time to overtake Clinton before Election Day.



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