BREAKING: Trump Just Gave Barack H. Obama And Susan Rice TERRIBLE News

The Angry Patriot reported earlier this week that the official government records revealing Obama’s spying had been secretly moved to the Obama Presidential Library preventing a probe.

Now, Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, has revealed that President Trump has the power to retrieve the documents, which are still considered federal records (via The Gateway Pundit).

Watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a series of lawsuits attempting to obtain valuable information relating to the “unmasking” of then-candidate Trump and his associates during the 2016 presidential election.

American spy agencies are continuously monitoring foreign communications, and there is a frequent incidental capture of American persons communicating with foreigners.

It is a violation of our constitutional rights to be subject to a search without a warrant. Thus, the identity of American persons captured in these communications is masked to protect their identity.

Investigators can order an “unmasking” if the identity of the U.S. person is essential to an ongoing investigation. There are strict guidelines preventing unjustified unmasking.

However, it has been discovered that former National Security Advisor Susan Rice was unmasking people associated with the Trump presidential campaign during the election.

This unmasking was politically motivated and highly controversial. It was also most likely illegal. However, former President Obama hid the documents detailing the unmasking at his presidential library before leaving office.

Any documents in a presidential library are sealed for five years ensuring that the documents proving Susan Rice’s guilt are kept hidden. However, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton claims that President Trump can obtain the records if he requests them.

“Yes, they are still federal records. They are under the control of the national archives and he can get ’em,” explains Fitton. “If he needs them to conduct his official duties he can get them. Subpoenas issued by Congress can get them. Special Counsel Mueller, if he decides to actually investigate real crimes like the unmasking, the illicit surveillance, the leaking–-he could get them if he issued subpoenas.”

Obama must be shaking in his boots. The former president painstakingly attempted to cover-up evidence of his administration’s crimes.

All President Trump needs to do is ask for the records, and we will know the truth.

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