BREAKING: Trump Issues 6-Word “Death Sentence” for Paul Ryan. Millions Agree!

Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan has crashed and burned in an epic fashion. Millions are now calling for him to be fired.

Sean Spicer, President Trump’s press secretary, announced that Paul Ryan’s fate would be “up to members of the House.”

This sounds like a silent order from the president that he wants Ryan gone and this serves as a way for him to find out who in our current government will be loyal to his cause.

Whether Ryan stays on as House Speaker or not, President Trump will be moving forward with his healthcare plans. Ryan’s flop was only a setback — not the end of the mission.

“The agenda moves on. We’ve got a very, very bold and robust agenda, and the president promised to the American people we’re going to roll on,” Spicer said.

There are actually many in the right that believe this “flop” was part of Trump’s plan to expose Ryan and allow his own failures be responsible for removing him from office rather than go directly to battle against a proven member of the swamp.

Unfortunately for Paul Ryan, millions of American citizens are already calling for him to be fired. If the House listens to the cries of We the People, he won’t have a job for long.

Ryan’s disastrous healthcare bill was self-involved, and had only HIS interests at heart — not those of We the People. Not only would he have put us deeper in debt, his overall plan was being referred to as “Obamacare Lite.” That’s definitely NOT what we had in mind when we elected President Trump.

President Trump promised during his campaign that he would repeal Obamacare entirely and replace it with something new. Ryan was daft to think that We the People would settle for a simple “redo” of the same old system.

After seeing Ryan in action, patriotic Americans across the nation have stood up and said that almost ANYONE would be better in the Speaker position than he is. His efforts have been so poorly-handled that many Americans suspect that he’s purposely failing in an effort to undermine the president from within. Either that, or he’s sorely incompetent. No matter what the case: It’s time for Ryan to go.

Trump didn’t directly say “YOU’RE FIRED” to Ryan; however, with just six words, he sealed the man’s fate. We won’t have to deal with Ryan for much longer, it’s nearly guaranteed!

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