BREAKING: Trump Defies Liberals, Passes EPIC New Law On Behalf of Veterans

President Trump is keeping his promise to address some of the problems faced by our veterans who have been ignored for eight years.

President Trump signed two bills into law yesterday on behalf of law enforcement officials and veterans. The new laws will help compensate the families of fallen officers and find work for veterans. (via Fox News)

Both the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Improvement Act and the American Law Enforcement Heroes Act passed through congress in late May with support from both Democrats and Republicans.

President Trump said he was very happy to sign the bills, which help officers and veterans, telling them, “We are behind you 100 percent.”

The Law Enforcement Heroes Act rewards federal and state law enforcement agencies that prioritize the hiring and training of veterans by granting the agencies priority access to federal grants.

Veterans often have difficulty adjusting to civilian life, and homelessness is an epidemic in the community. President Trump is confirming his commitment to those who serve our country even after they return home.

The new law will help veterans adjust to civilian life by receiving employment in a field where their intense training can be put to use. Now, veterans can continue protecting Americans at home.

The other bill signed into law by President Trump yesterday seeks to improve the process of reimbursing the families of law enforcement agents who perished in the line of duty.

The Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Improvement Act seeks to eliminate the wait times for families of slain public safety officers waiting for benefits. The bill will allow local bureaucrats to approve benefit claims, and let families track their claims, online.

Almost 800 families are waiting for their claims to be approved by the Public Safety Officer’s Benefit Office, and many have been forced to put their lives on hold, maybe even postponing college, as they wait for their owed benefits.

This is the America under President Trump. The America that seeks to help our veterans instead of ignore them, and rewards the brave men and women who risk their lives for their community on a daily basis.

We owe our peace and prosperity to our brave soldiers and police officers, and it is about time they are paid the respect they are deserved.

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