BREAKING: Top GOP Congressmen SHOT, Trump’s Response is Perfect

This is what happens when the media constantly portrays Republicans as evil and normalizes political violence.

President Trump offered his sincere condolences and concern to U.S. Representative Steve Scalise after the Republican House Majority Whip was shot early this morning during a congressional baseball practice in Virginia, calling him “a true friend and patriot” who was “badly injured but will fully recover.” (via ABC News)


Five people have been taken to the hospital, including the shooter, after a lone gunman opened fire on Republican members of Congress and staffers practicing for the upcoming bi-partisan charity game.

Steve Scalise was reportedly shot in the hip and is expected to make a full recovery. At least three other congressional staffers were shot, and a volunteer was shot in the chest.

The shooting occurred in Alexandria, Virginia about 7 miles away from the White House. Only Republicans were practicing at the field as the Democrats finished their session earlier in the morning.

Many high-profile Republicans were at the practice including Mo Brooks, Rand Paul, Jeff Flake, Jimmy Duncan, Brad Wenstrup, Joe Barton, Matt Gaetz, Steven Palazzo and Steve Pearce.

Steve Scalise was accompanied to the game by Capitol Police since he is a ranking member of government. The police immediately returned fire on the shooter preventing a blood bath from occurring.

Representative Mo Brooks was in the dug out when shots erupted and he heard Scalise scream and hit the dirt. Brooks managed to run over to Scalise and used his belt to apply a tourniquet slowing the congressman bleeding.

Representative Ron DeSantis insinuates that the shooting was politically motivated. DeSantis left the game early and was stopped by a strange man who asked, “whether it was Republicans or Democrats out there,” the congressman explained. “It was just a little odd, and then he kind of walked toward the area where all this happened.” (via Raw Story)

The identity of the shooter has not been released by Capitol Police, but we are monitoring the situation closely.

Liberals have been increasingly relying on political violence — such as large-scale riots — since the election of President Trump. It appears that it is no longer safe to be a Republican in Washington, D.C.

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