BREAKING: The House Just Did Unthinkable To Obamacare! Obama Is Crying…

Today is a historic day for our great nation. The world will remember Thursday, May 3 2017, as the day we finally BEAT Obamacare.

After years of Promises and month of hard work by President Trump, the GOP managed to do the unthinkable…

That’s right. House Republicans just voted to officially repeal and replace Obamacare.

The vote passed 217-213 with all Democrats and some Republicans voting “NO” or abstaining.

Still, it is good to know that the majority of the elected officials in our party have our back. Well, at least enough of them to pass the vote anyways.

I think Rep Diane Black from Tennessee put it best,

“Our constituents did not elect us to do what is easy. They elected us to do what is right.”

This is just the first step on a long and difficult process. It still needs to pass the Senate, then after that Trump and his team need to make work out all the bugs for the new healthcare system.

Ending Obamacare is still massive. Yeah, I think we all agree the old system didn’t work super well, but Obamacare is total crap. Thank God Republicans at least have enough sense to end it.


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