BREAKING: Texas Governor Just Put The Final Nail In Sanctuary Cities- They Are DONE In Texas!

“There are consequences deadly consequences, to not enforcing the law” with that brief statement Texas Governor Greg Abbott began once again recounting the tragic murder of Kate Steinle, the young California woman who was brutally shot and killed as she and her dad walked along Pier-14 in San Francisco by an illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who had previously been deported 5-times back to his native Mexico.

The Governor’s reference to that tragic event was to remind Texans that unlike sanctuary cities which protect criminal illegal aliens, Texas will not!

Moreover, Governor Abbott isn’t just talking tough, he acting tough when it comes to harboring criminal aliens, by putting his words into actual deeds and signing a bill that will target sanctuary cities within his state.

Abbott sitting behind his desk in the governor’s office on Sunday before signing the bill into law said: “Let’s be clear about something. We all support legal immigration. It helped to build America and Texas. Legal immigration is different from harboring people who have committed dangerous crimes. This law cracks down on policies like the Travis County sheriff who declared she would not detain known criminals accused of violent crimes. Those policies are sanctuary city policies and won’t be tolerated in Texas.”


The first-term Republican governor has been in a war of words with several sheriff departments who have publicly defied the governor’s attempt to target and get rid of criminal illegal aliens within the Lone Star State.

Moreover showing that he means business the governor took the unusual step to sign the bill on Facebook without any advance public notice and announcing; “Texas has now banned sanctuary cities in the Lone Star State.”

The bill cleared a final obstacle this week despite objections from Democrats and supporters of illegal immigration, who demonstrated at the Texas Capitol.

The new law now gives law enforcement agents the legal right to question an individual’s immigration status when being detained, for a criminal and or traffic violation.

Soource: News 9

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