Breaking: Sheriff Clarke HUMILIATES Michelle Obama In EPIC Public Rant

Sheriff Clarke has always proudly supported Donald Trump, all throughout his campaign and time as president-elect. And he is still supporting our president however he can!

Clarke blatantly called out the former first lady and then took a little dig at Barry in the process…


There is a difference in saying you were “never proud” of your country until your husband was elected as the president. People were “disappointed” in America because all the presidents who had come before were white? Is that what I’m understanding?

The liberals seem to confuse electing the person who is the best for the job with electing the person who will be “different.” The same happened with Hillary Clinton — many people wanted her in office not because of her politics but because she was a woman.

How has electing our presidents turned into shattering the “norm” as the liberals call it? When I’m considering a candidate for president, I don’t take into account how they look or where they get their clothes — I focus on their politics, their campaign platforms, their contributions to this nation, and not their ability to “slay” in a white pantsuit.

Michelle Obama said not once but twice that she didn’t have any pride in her country until her husband was elected, and that is something that’s truly disturbing. Sheriff Clarke said he had never been prouder than when Trump was elected and Obama was kicked out, and it’s very different.

Even though someone he didn’t like was in office, Clarke was still proud of his country whereas Michelle Obama has never been kind to America. Like many, she criticizes America for its inability to move on from racism when it’s the liberals themselves who can’t let racism go to hell where it belongs.

It’s a well-known fact that many races and types of people were slaves, not just black Americans. The Irish were slaves to the British, the Chinese were used as slaves in America building the railroad, and the Japanese had slaves from Korea!

This in no way excuses the bloody history of the Civil War and all the cruelty inflicted on the black American people, but that time is over, and the liberals need to stop whipping out the racism card whenever they need it for their agenda.

Michelle Obama, like many Democrats, believes that you have to be ashamed of your country based on the dark history that it holds, but that is not the case — otherwise everyone in the world would be ashamed on their country in some way or another.

The American people are proud to have elected Donald Trump as the president, and the Obamas may once again be “not proud” of their nation, but the rest of us are. Trump is not against minorities or women, and he seeks to better this country.

Michelle Obama has criticized Trump enough, saying that no one should be able to tell us that our country needs to be made great again. I think it does. We’ve gotten too politically correct, too soft, and we have lost sight of this nation’s identity. We are not just a nation of immigrants — we are a nation of laws. And it’s about time the American people remember that.

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