BREAKING: Sen. Jeff Sessions Confirmed as Attorney General

Breaking news just coming across the wire…

Sen. Jeff Sessions is now Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

It was a party line vote, 52-47.


From Washington Examiner:

The Senate confirmed Jeff Sessions to be President Trump‘s attorney general on Wednesday night, over sustained but ultimately futile Democratic complaints that Sessions worked against minority interests when he was a U.S. attorney for Alabama, and that he’s too close to Trump to enforce the law independently from the White House.

Democrats changed the rules in 2013 so that only a simple majority is needed to approve a president’s Cabinet nominees. Under those rules, the Senate easily confirmed Sessions in a party-line 52-47 vote, and was helped by Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., who had said he would support Sessions’ nomination.

Sessions himself voted “present,” and was met by applause from Republicans after the vote total was read out.

Sessions’ is only the sixth nominee to be appointed to President Trump’s cabinet.

Democrats are continuing to drag their feet even though they know 45 will get his way.

Time to do what’s best for the country, people.

Trump needs a strong team around him now.

Best of luck, Mr. AG!


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