BREAKING: Secret Service Officer Taking Down Clintons Gets Massive News

Conservative writers often have a hard time reaching The New York Times’ bestseller list, not because their work isn’t successful, but because the media often blacklists them in hopes that people won’t read their truthful words about what liberalism has done to our country.

However, one writer whose work exposed Hillary Clinton for her eccentric behavior as first lady has made it onto the prestigious bestseller list for the end of June.

Retired Secret Service officer Gary Byrne’s tell-all piece on the Clintons from his time protecting the White House was blacklisted by most major media outlets, but that didn’t stop his book from achieving success and being recognized by The New York Times as a “bestseller.”

“I am very grateful to the tens of thousands of Americans who have bought my book and listened to my message,” Byrne said, according to Breitbart News. “But I would welcome the opportunity to reach a larger audience.

“Today I urge the mainstream media networks who so far have declined to give a voice to my message and the serious allegations I have raised to reconsider their positions, both in the interest of fairness and out of a sense of obligation to the American public,” he added.

Byrne’s book, “Crisis of Character,” detailed his experience standing guard outside President Bill Clinton’s Oval Office for three years. In it, he described how the then-first lady regularly threw fits of rage and cursed at Secret Service officers.

Of course, Clinton, who is now the presumptive Democrat nominee, cringed at the thought of this damaging information being leaked, and her campaign has warned television producers not to promote it, The Drudge Report revealed.

“Hillary’s campaign has won assurances that he will not be invited to spread ‘lies’ on any of the nation’s broadcast networks,” Drudge reported.

Byrne’s position was that the scandals and turmoil that racked the White House during the first Clinton administration would be repeated if the American people choose to allow a second. The writer wanted voters to understand Clinton’s “dangerous” temperament before making their final decisions, according to a press release about the book obtained by Breitbart.

The release also claimed that every mainstream media outlet in America has ignored or “shunned” the book.


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