BREAKING: Sean Hannity Warned Us, And Now It Finally Happened

The future of Fox News is uncertain as one of Sean Hannity’s biggest fears comes true.

It was announced yesterday that Fox News stalwart and co-president Bill Shine is being forced to resign as the network attempts to restructure. (via Breitbart)

Sean Hannity warned about the potential firing of Shine in a tweet last week. He said if Shine leaves, it would be “the total end of the FNC as we know it. Done.”

Bill Shine was ousted one week after television giant Bill O’Reilly resigned.

Sean Hannity and Bill Shine have been longtime friends, and both have worked for Fox News since the cable channel started in October 1996.

Shine was a producer on the show Hannity and Colmes, which was later replaced by Hannity’s solo show in 2008 in the same time slot.

Shine proved himself as a capable producer and was able to work his way up in the company to become the deputy to Roger Ailes, the former CEO.

The firings of O’Reilly, and now Shine, prove that no matter how successful you are, you are never safe from political sabotage. Shine is being asked to aid in the transition to a new president.

It has been reported that the firings at Fox News are occurring as Rupert Murdoch’s sons are taking over the project their father started over 20 years ago. Fox News is the most-watched cable network, and O’Reilly was the most-watched anchor in the history of cable news.

However, Murdoch’s liberal sons are hoping to change the format to fit their ideology. The sons desire to shift their content to be more like CNN, and are hoping to hire Jeff Zucker, the current president of CNN, to replace Bill Shine.

Liberal ideology cannot survive the scrutiny of criticism, and left-wing elites are attempt to gain complete control of the media landscape.

It took 20 years to build the most successful cable news channel in history, and only two weeks to destroy it.

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