BREAKING – Right Before Debate, WikiLeaks Drops BOMBSHELL On Hillary – TIME FOR PRISON!!

WikiLeaks dropped a massive truth bomb on Hillary Clinton right before the debate began. If the mainstream media want to hide the fact of their 100 percent bias in favor of the Democrat, they must begin covering the viral leaked email – right now!

In an email leaked courtesy of Julian Assange, Hillary Clinton’s attorney, David Kendall, was noted as being in possession of a thumb drive containing all of the deleted emails from her home server. This email seems to prove Hillary lied to the FBI and to Congress when she swore under oath she had no idea where the documents were.


“A thumb drive containing these emails is presently in the possession of David Kendall (that would be me) at Williams & Connolly,” Hillary Clinton’s attorney wrote in an “update” email to her top staffers including Cheryl Mills and Huma Adedin. The FBI should already be knocking on Kendall’s door and seizing the thumb drive.

If the WikiLeaks email was detailing hidden evidence or proof of perjury in any other case, handcuffs would already be slapping around multiple wrists. So far, Hillary Clinton has not been questioned about her under oath comments by either the media or anyone at the Justice Department – at least as far as We the People know!

A series of email exchanges among Hillary Clinton’s top aides and Kendall from last fall appear to indicate they were debating what to tell the public about the ongoing classified document mishandling scandal. In one related conversation, a speechwriter, Dan Schwerin, sent John Podesa and other staffers a draft of a suggested statement where Hillary would say she told her team to “hand over my email server as well as a thumb drive” along with her emails.

“There they go again — misleading, devious, non-transparent, tricky etc,” David Kendall wrote, offering a prediction of how the statement would be perceived by Hillary’s critics once all the facts finally came out. Later that same day, Clinton’s aides debated about drafting an open letter from Hillary referencing Colin Powell using the same email practices when he was secretary of state.

They ultimately agreed the open letter needed to say Hillary’s email practices were“consistent with practice of prior secretaries.” As we all now know, Colin Powell complained about Clinton’s staff trying to blame him for her mistakes in a hacked and leaked email from his own account.

Hillary Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, ultimately told her peers she was really hoping they could “use the ‘server moment’ as an opportunity” for the career politician to be viewed as taking significant steps to deal with the ongoing controversy.

Palmieri later said it had become clear Hillary was not “in the same place” in the thought process, unless John Podesta was able to get her to change her mind. Telling the truth just does not come easily to Clinton.


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