BREAKING: Republican Plan To STEAL Election From Trump, Announced!

The so-called “#NeverTrump” movement has been desperately seeking a way to challenge conservative businessman and GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump.

Their biggest problem is, with no challengers left and with Trump’s delegate count, he is unstoppable in the Republican Party. And the window is closing for ballot access.

But now, a major donor former candidate Mitt Romney is officially starting an organization to ensure a Trump challenger would have ballot access across America!

Supported by conservatives such as Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, this organization is aimed directly at taking right-leaning votes away from Trump:

A conservative donor who has been scouring Republican ranks for a third-party candidate is pressing ahead with a group to get on the ballot in dozens of states. The candidate will come once the group sees that the ballot access is possible.

The donor, John Kingston, a bundler and ally of Mitt Romney, said he will bankroll a ballot-access project to create a path for someone to run as another option. The effort is being called Better for America.

The idea is “to do a proof of concept for everybody,” Mr. Kingston said. “It exists, there is a pathway, there is a road that you can be going down.”

The Massachusetts man was heavily involved in efforts led by the Weekly Standard editor William Kristol to find a challenger to both Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump for a third-party line. His approach is similar to one used by a group, Americans Elect, in 1992, when it tried creating a ballot line unattached to a major party.

Better for America has Mr. Kingston working with the pollster Joel Searby as the chief strategist, as well as the lawyers Mohammad Jazil and Matthew Sawyer. Mr. Sawyer was the general counsel for the Texas business magnate H. Ross Perot’s Reform Party presidential run in 1996. Anne MacDonald, who was the chief of staff to the first lady Laura Bush, is also advising the group.

Via NY Times

And they are emailing talking points to establishment Republicans, trying to defend critcism of how this group will certainly help Hillary Clinton:

You are defying the will of the American people. Answer: Nearly two-thirds of Americans are interested in considering an independent candidate.

You don’t have a candidate so your group means nothing. Answer: With 43% of the American people not registered to vote with either of the major political parties, the ballot access will provide the pathway for a independent candidate to emerge.

You will only be a spoiler and ensure victory for one of the two major party nominees. Answer: There is a crisis of legitimacy threatening the 2016 election. Providing another choice is preserving our democracy.



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