BREAKING: Rachel Maddow Just Exposed The Russian Scandal That The Left Doesn’t Want You To Know About

The left-swinging Rachel Maddow just exposed the fact that the other woman who ran for president, no not Killary but the other one, has some serious explaining to do about some of the company she keeps and her hypocrisy.

During the election, the Green Party candidate Jill Stein demanded recounts and aggressively raised funds for that endeavor.

Stein even wrote on her Jill2016 site:

‘By revealing serious problems in our voting systems – out-of-date laws and recount procedures, politicized courts, machine failure and vulnerability, and flagrant racial inequities – these recounts were a resounding success. Our efforts have shined a light on the urgent need for reforms to our electoral system, and to the recounts that are supposed to safeguard that system.We look forward to continuing our work together to make those reforms a reality.’

Why is this a problem?

Well, Maddow recently appeared on VICELAND’s Jesus & Meril and pointed out the infamous photo with Donald Trump’s former national intelligence advisor Mike Flynn sitting next to Russian president Vladimir Putin. However, the MSNBC host of the Rachel Maddow Show was not pointing at Flynn. She was pointing at Jill Stein and said:

‘So everybody’s like, “Wow, how come this like super, super aggressive opposition that we saw from these third-party candidates — how come they haven’t said anything since this scandal has broken?”‘

Then Maddow sarcastically stated:

‘I don’t know, Jill! I can’t pronounce it in Russian! Hope you’re really psyched about your Wisconsin vote totals!’

Stein talked a good game about democracy:

‘After a bitter, divisive election, now facing serious threats to our civil and constitutional rights, defending the bedrock of democracy – our right to vote, and to be confident in that vote – is more important than ever.’

Stein continued on her website:

‘Moving forward, I, along with the Green Party, am committed to continue to fight with you for election integrity and voting justice on the frontlines of this struggle.’

If Jill Stein means what she wrote, then why is Stein sitting at the left hand of Vladimir Putin? It’s not Donald or other conservatives with ties to Putin, it’s Jill Stein, the independents and the liberals.

See below video:


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