BREAKING: President Trump Just Revealed Something YUGE About The DNC Chair Election

Perhaps the best quality of the 45th President of the United States is that he is not afraid to call a spade a spade.

For example, earlier this week, the members of the Democratic National Committee elected former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez as the chair of their party. Perez ran against Minnesota U.S. Representative Keith Ellison, who announced his candidacy for the race for DNC chair early on. Ellison was backed by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Nonetheless, Perez won. However, Perez named Ellison Deputy chair of the DNC in a show of unity.

Trump, being the man of honor that he is, even congratulated Perez late yesterday via twitter. But then this morning, Trump tweeted what he really thinks.

“The race for DNC Chairman was, of course, totally “rigged.” Bernie’s guy, like Bernie himself, never had a chance. Clinton demanded Perez!”


As far as we know, Clinton never publicly demanded anyone; however, she likely had a few private meetings where she did everything she could to make Perez the new chair.

Do you agree with President Trump, do you think the election was rigged and crooked Hillary had a hand in it?

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