BREAKING: Obama Era Crime Revealed Under Cover of Fake Russia “Scandal”

We are ALL aware of the Left’s weak attempt to attack President Trump by accusing him of being deeply involved with Russia. It turns out that the reason these events are getting so much attention is that the drama is covering up for something much, much more sinister.

Over the past year or so information has been flowing, revealing that the NSA has been gathering a disgusting amount of information from the American people. According to Circa, they are not doing this legally, and know that people are catching on. In typical magician fashion, they are trying to redirect everyone on the Trump-Russia connection so that we forget about the REAL criminals. 

Obama claimed to set up “safeguards” when spying on US through the NSA in 2011. Despite the promises that our security was the number one priority and they would NEVER spy on us in an illegal fashion, it is now known that one out of every 20 people searching internet data on Americans violates these “safeguards.”

We are aware that there was too much information gathered because the Obama administration essentially admitted to it at the end of his presidency. When he started talking about Trump and what we “may know” about him, he flat out told on himself. How could he possibly have that information unless they were digging way deeper than allowed?

Furthermore, the stories that they released were proven to be false, even though there was some relevance to conversations that actually took place. Essentially, they metaphorically burned the Constitution to spy on President Trump, then lied about what they found!

Circa went on to explain in their piece that the number of NSA searches regarding Americans, including actual unmaskings of U.S. patriots, TRIPLED from before the time that Obama took office. Their whole premise about how they want to make sure that we are safe and that they would never overstep their boundaries was all talk.

Obama and the rest of his crooks never cared about finding the “bad guys” because they ARE the bad guys.

Barack Obama and his cronies went out of their way to try and make President Trump look bad because they were all resting comfortably in Hillary’s pocket. We would have LOVED to see the looks on their faces when they realized that their plan fell through.

The Left should be getting nervous right about now. We are onto their games and know that they have been watching us for a long time. The PATRIOTS of this country are going to hold these evil people accountable. They should have to pay for betraying every single one of us.

Everyone needs to do what they can and expose the liberal magic tricks for what they are: a scam.

If they thought they could cover up their crimes by making up stories about Trump, they were HIGHLY mistaken! The truth WILL out — and we’ll be here waiting.

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