BREAKING: Obama Just Broke! Trump Gave Him The Worst News Of His Life Today…

Obama literally lies to people’s faces. It’s amazing. He never gets called out by the media like Trump, though. Obama promised that he would save middle-class families at $2,500 per year.

*** But costs are going up this year just like Trump predicted! 

Obama built the worst health care system that could have ever be imagined and he has the balls to say that it wasn’t his fault. Jesus man! It’s got your name on it, Obama. It’s called Obamacare for a reason.

This is what we all knew. Obama is just sitting there lying and saying that Obamacare is a success when it is definitely not.

Here is what Trump said a couple of months ago.

Obamacare is burning down. The premiums are beginning to skyrocket and the government is robbing the people of this country blind.

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