BREAKING: Newt Gingrich Publicly Exposes Paul Ryan’s Treason. Thank You, Newt!

Newt Gingrich has always been a hard-hitter when it comes to media appearances, and he will continue to defend Trump and crush those who oppose him.

via The Blaze.

Gingrich stated, “Donald Trump is a very smart guy. He just went through an experience that wasn’t what he was told. He had been told that everything was under control, the leadership could deliver, he didn’t have to pay too much attention, come in at the very end and close the deal. And it got to be a total mess,” 

According to Gingrich, President Trump was misled by Paul Ryan and lured into a false sense of security. He believed he could take a backseat on this measure and that the congressional representatives could be trusted to take care of it — only that didn’t happen.

Hopefully, because of this, growth can come from it. President Trump is not going to be making this mistake twice, and he will be adding this back onto his already full plate of trying to make this country great again.

It is pretty safe to say that Gingrich believes Ryan deserves to lose his job, as many other Americans believe. If this had been on the business side of things, and Trump wasn’t the president, Trump would have been saying, “You’re fired!”

Now, because of this healthcare debacle, President Trump will be rethinking how to approach Congress from now on since this is something the liberals are not likely to forget anytime soon. Dems are using this as yet another thing they can hold against Trump, but it is entirely Paul Ryan’s fault.

Ryan may be knowledgeable of the political realm, but that’s not enough in Trump’s administration. He has to be bold and do bold things. He has to be willing to take chances and not turn his tail and run when things get difficult.

We have the majority in the House and the Senate, and this healthcare measure should have been able to pass. Thanks to Ryan’s numerous mistakes, and the liberals who are still clinging to their precious Obamacare, the measure was a complete disaster.

Obamacare is arguably the worst healthcare system ever created: it is required for all of the American people to have, yet it was never “designed” to help everyone. It has crippled American families and led We the People to have both empty wallets and terrible healthcare plans. It’s a broken system, and it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Trump has stated that he wants to let Obamacare “explode,” which it is already on the verge of doing, and then let the liberals crawl back and admit they were wrong about their “affordable” healthcare act. In the meantime, Trump will continue to focus on improving the lives of the American people.

Ryan is currently between a rock and a hard place, and he has been facing a lot of backlash as of late. Like many Americans, Gingrich seems to think Ryan should be removed from his position because of this blunder. Personally, I agree with Newt!

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