BREAKING: New California Law Just Went Into Effect That Should TERRIFY All Americans

Trump’s executive order on seven countries was an important move to stop a huge threat from taking root in the US. And the liberals’ opposition to it is now just hypocritical.

California’s new law targets “non-LGBT friendly” states in its own version of the travel ban. It forbids people from using state money to travel to states on the “banned” list, via LA Times.

This is going to negatively affect the careers of many students and professors whose universities often cover some of their travelling expenses for conferences to present their work.

The same rule applies to college sports teams, which will now not be able to play games held in Tennessee, Kansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

Is the irony not clear to California liberals? How can they justify their stance against Trump’s travel ban when here they are implementing their own?

At least Trump’s limit on people’s movement was by national borders and was implemented entirely for our safety. California’s travel ban is based on state borders and demonstrates just how bitter they are that the rest of the country disagrees with them on the issue of personal rights to one’s conscience.

California has put Tennessee on the list because of its law allowing therapists to opt out of treating LGBT clients. Frankly, all therapists have to have some ground on which to connect with their clients, and forcing them to take on clients they feel they can’t help isn’t doing the client any favors. You should always try to find the therapist who can give you the best care.

And yet this simple law, which affects probably a handful of people statewide and doesn’t endanger ANY of them, is enough for California to stop students from pursuing their education in the state. What’s next? Closing down their border entirely?

The irony of that move would be too much. President Trump’s executive order did prevent some people from coming into the country while we worked to improve our vetting system, but these people were potentially dangerous. The risk just doesn’t compare to the liberals’ worry that “anti-LGBT” ideas, which are really ideas of personal liberty, might influence their students.

There are other points of hypocrisy here. Clearly, California’s liberals don’t want their tax money going to support the conservative states they disagree with, yet the far left would have us all forced to support illegal immigration with our tax dollars.

They’d have doctors forced to perform abortions and conservative speakers forced off college campuses. How are any of these different from forcing Californians to provide money for students to travel to states their conscience can’t stand?

Liberals only care about getting their own way. They do not care about freedom, principles, or equality.

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