BREAKING: Muslim Pilot Of MH370 Did Chilling Thing Right Before Plane Went Missing

News regarding the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370’s disappearance over the Indian Ocean in 2014, helps us understand something about the pilot and what he was doing before the plane hit the water, killing all 239 passengers on board.

World expert air crash investigator Larry Vance said a section of one of the wings showed evidence that it was extended upon landing, a piece of information that suggests the someone was in control of the plane until it crashed.

Until now, the search has been conducted under the premise that the airliner was not under human control when it landed in the Indian Ocean.

Vance said the section of the wing, called flaperon, which was found a year ago off the coast of Madagascar, showed “definite evidence” that it was extended at the time of landing — and this kind of extension can only be activated by a person, he told the Australian version of “60 Minutes” on Sunday, reported the U.K. Guardian.

If the wing was was extended, it meant someone — namely Muslim pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah — was in charge of the aircraft, the expert said.

He also said that the difficulties authorities have experienced while trying to find floating debris could also be explained by a slow, controlled landing, which could only have been executed by someone deliberately gliding the plane into the water.

“Somebody was flying the airplane into the water,” he said.

“Everybody should then have concluded, in my opinion, that this was a human-engineered event, there’s no other explanation,” he said.

The interview comes after New York Magazine reported that Shah had used a home flight simulator to practice a crash landing in the Indian Ocean.

Those who knew Shah, 53, said he was not suicidal and had a good life, reported the U.K. Independent. Shah’s brother said he was happy and had a reason to live.

However, according to Vance, Shah could have been a rogue pilot who intentionally brought down the plane.


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