BREAKING: Muslim Jihadist BUSTED Trying To Blow Up Buildings In These 2 Major Cities! CNN SILENT!

A man named Mahin Khan was CAUGHT trying to blow up government buildings, but it’s not all over the news. WHY? It’s been 2 days since he was caught but searching Kahn’s name on CNN website you will not even find him in any story. Even authorities aren’t releasing details about the possible terrorist…


So WHY would an 18-year-old man arrested by the FBI on Friday on suspicion of a conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism against two government buildings in Phoenix and Tuscon, Arizona NOT be headline news? Khan was arrested after an investigation by the FBI joint terrorism task force, and currently being held without bail. There are no other suspects.

SPECIAL NOTE: I searched for Mahin Kahn or Mahin Khan, there are no twitter or Facebook or other pictures of him anywhere. This story has been slow to roll out in the news. Was it to scrub the internet of information on this young man whose ‘records are sealed’? In the past a story of a possible double terrorist threat in the United States use to be something the media would care about. So far the entire internet is silent and while every local news story and conservative sites like ours carry the few details we’ve been given, there’s very little info available. Hopefully, the authorities are gathering more information so they can understand the gravity of this threat and stop it at the source!

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