BREAKING – Minnesota Mall Terrorist Identified, Media BLACKING OUT 1 Key Detail

While terrorist on the East Coast were making bombs out of pressure cookers, another terrorist was trying to kill Americans at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Previous report said the killer had allegedly asked people of they were Muslim and that he swore his allegiance to Allah, but nobody was releasing his identity… until now.

I just found out the man who carried out the knife attacks was a Somalia man named Dahir Adan.


In addition, buzz on the Internet has the Islamic State taking credit for his attack…


Get ready for the spin patriots, because it is going to come from all angles.

President Obama will surely deny this man was a linked terrorist and nothing more than someone that went nuts.

That is how he gets to continue to take credit for no terror attacks on U.S. soil on his watch.

We will also hear how he was nothing more than a lone wolf, but the facts we already have more or less debunked that claim.

I want to know how he got into this country. I want to know where he prayed. I want to know who he associated with in this country.

When our shady government reveals those facts, I bet we have information that will make Barack Obama VERY uneasy.


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