BREAKING: Michelle Obama Announces Whether She’ll Run For President Against Trump

After the election, the Left went wild in many different ways. Once such way was to start naming random people that they “admire” and claim that they are going to run against Trump, or magically replace Trump once they get him impeached. Good luck with that. Hah!

Obviously, Hillary Clinton was at the top of this list for a while. Before long, everyone was saying Michelle Obama was going to be the one to beat Trump in 2020. Where do they come up with this stuff? According to The HillMichelle laid the rumors to rest and said that she would NEVER run for political office.

We are not quite sure why they decided to go with Michelle Obama as the one who would beat President Trump. They likely could not even name one successful thing she accomplished as the first lady, let alone tell you about her personal political beliefs.

They went out of their way to make these little mock campaign shots, saying that it was going to be an Obama vs Trump 2020 election. I bet they are disappointed that their hopes and dreams got shot down. We have to wonder where they are going to take it from here.

The hopeful Bernie supporters are still there, hoping that he is going to try to make another run. Let’s be honest for a second, even if he did run again, why would anyone independent vote for him?

He managed to sell out, and endorsed the same corporate system that he was allegedly so against. The claim was that he did this all in the name of not getting Trump elected. Obviously, that didn’t work out well for him.

At any rate, many people on the Left wanted Bernie to make it into office anyway. He promised them a bunch of free stuff with no promise on how the money for said “free stuff” was going to be gathered.

You can’t just magically erase the cost of tuition every year. You need to pay that cost for every student in the country. The money cannot be pulled from thin air, so Bernie, how were you going to pay for everything again?

This mentality is humorous, but incredibly aggravating at the same time. They HONESTLY have to get a nonsensical thought, and hurry up and say it as quickly as possible. They pick people to win imaginary “what-if” elections, and they don’t know a single thing about any of these people they are trying to select to run.

If they didn’t have the time to put any thought into fictional elections that THEY make up, what makes you think they put any thought into the current election? The sad truth is there are some people who voted for Hillary but could not even name one of her political stances. She may have also had her head filled up with that “Trump is evil, the mainstream media told me,” mentality.

Regardless of the reason, one thing is for sure. The Left needs to GET IT TOGETHER. They are holding us back in a big way, and something HAS to give soon!

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