BREAKING – Mexico Just Got The WORST News Possible (Trump Can’t Stop Smiling!)

Yesterday’s announcement by Director James Comey, that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was reopening their investigation into Clinton’s emails, was a shocker for the Clinton campaign. It was also a shocker for someone else. Mexico.

Moments after Comey’s announcement went public, the Mexican currency, the peso, was in a free-fall. Dropping. Crashing.

Why would that be so? Why Director Comey’s announcement have immediate implications for Mexico?

When the polls were showing that Clinton lead over Trump, Mexico could relax. After all, it is Trump, not Clinton, who has been promising to reset America’s relationship with Mexico. If Clinton is sworn into the White House Mexico can continue to take advantage of the United States.

But, if Trump is the victor on election night, big changes are coming for Mexico. Trump’s contract is not with the globe, or with Mexico, but with America. And therefore his policies will be in America’s favor.
Trump is committed to fixing our long-standing trade deficit with Mexico. We have had this trade deficit with Mexico every year for nearly thirty years. This is largely attributed to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of 1994. In 2015 alone, the deficit was more than $56 billion. That’s in US dollars, not Mexican pesos.

Many American companies have moved their manufacturing to Mexico in an effort to find cheap labor and avoid taxes. Trump aims to reverse that process to bring jobs and money back to the US. This will undoubtedly hurt the Mexican economy.

Trump is also committed to building a wall between the United States and Mexico. Illegal aliens, he believes, are crossing the border by the thousands. Building a wall will stop or reduce the free-flow of money, guns, drugs, and people.

“I’m going to build a great, great wall and Mexico is going to pay for it.” Trump has said. Now that it looks as though Clinton will lose, people believe Trump, and they’re removing their assets from the peso as fast as possible.

Many are speculating that Director Comey would not have reopened the case without hard, new evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Clinton. Such an inference might be enough to slow her recent momentum and end her election bid altogether. This could be a knockout blow.

And Mexico knows what comes next. It’s all right there in Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda. He’s putting Americans first, not other countries.


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