BREAKING: Mexican President Just Crumbled To Trump’s Demands For Them To Pay For The Wall

Donald Trump hasn’t even been in office yet and he his track record puts Obama to shame. Trump has been hard at work creating jobs, working for stricter immigration legislation, and coming through on his many campaign promises.

One of Trump’s biggest campaign points was building the wall on the United States-Mexico border. Part of this promise, of course, was having Mexico fund the wall and it would appear Trump is making good on this part of his guarantee as well.

Mexico has been fighting against Trump on this idea for a long time but there are now signs of Mexico weakening their resolve.

Yesterday, the president of Mexico, President Enrique Peña Nieto, met with ambassadors and consuls and stated that Mexico will be pouring more money into increasing the security measures along the border, according to El Financiero.

It certainly sounds like they are starting to commit to paying for the wall in the most diplomatic way they can without looking like they are completely rolling over to Trump.

Mexico knows the power that Trump has, especially over their economic well-being and if they were firm on not paying at all they wouldn’t be agreeing to something like this.

In addition to threats to NAFTA and the jobs that Mexico has already lost to the U.S. due to Trumps hard work to keep jobs within the United States, Mexico’s economy could also be heavily penalized if they were to lose the money being sent back from Mexicans in America sending money back into Mexico. As of now, Mexico receives around $25 million in remittances from the United States.

President Peña Nieto has said that he is firmly committed to “maintain the free flow of remittances” as reported by Sun Daily.

Trump continued to apply pressure to Mexico during his speech given yesterday, and, according to CNBC, the peso hit a record low compared to the U.S. dollar during Trump’s speech.

Australia’s reported that President Peña Nieto said that “at no time will we accept anything that goes against our dignity as a country, and our dignity as Mexicans,” which would explain the careful rhetoric used by Peña Nieto.

Mexico has a lot to lose if they do not bow down to Trump’s demands and it looks like they are already starting to make steps in that direction. At this point it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Trump is able to realize another one his campaign cornerstones.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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