BREAKING: Major Hillary Prosecution Just Sent To The DOJ

The Left is constantly trying to put forth criminals as politicians. Even if they didn’t start as criminals, they certainly end up that way. Sad.

The internet company that housed Clinton’s illegal servers is now officially under investigation by the Trump administration. Thank you, President Trump. (via Free Beacon)

Dear President Trump: thank you for living up to your word. Thank you for fulfilling another promise. We are truly lucky to have Trump as president, despite what the leftist media would say.

The mainstream media HATES this story. I bet they aren’t going to report on it. Why would they? It would ruin them.

The liberals hate to admit they have career criminals for politicians. The Left will use any means necessary to undermine our president. Thankfully, there is a growing number of conservatives.

We need to push back against the leftist attacks. The liberals are on the offensive right now. Fortunately, they aren’t used to having to attack, so they are terrible at it.

Sadly, the RINOs are not good at defense. We have so many RINOs who make the dumbest admissions to the mainstream media, like Senator McCain and Representative Ryan.

We need stronger conservatives, like Trump, with a “win” attitude. We need more America-first politicians. Our capitol is infested with greedy swamp-dwellers.

These career politicians need to back off. We cannot allow them to ruin our country. They do not care about us. They don’t even care about our military! Where is the accountability? We need to instill term limits into our government. We need to ban lobbying. There are so many things that need to be done; luckily, we have Trump to do them.

The Left is going to continue to lob insults at us. They are incapable of presenting a logical argument, so they will resort to name-calling. The liberals would rather bring in “identity politics” than address the truth.

After eight years of Obama, our country has struggled to grow. The liberals don’t care about this because they live off the State, but we have Trump to stop feeding these trolls. Finally!

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