BREAKING: Limbaugh Shocked By Trump Speech For 1 Incredible Reason

Billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump delivered a speechWednesday morning that focused on the shortcomings of his likely rival in the general election, presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

In his speech, Trump referred to Clinton as a “world class liar” who utilizes the “politics of personal profit” and was best described as “the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency.”

The hard-hitting speech was nearly too much for conservative talk radio king Rush Limbaugh to take, not because he disagreed, but because he was astonished that a Republican presidential candidate actually said out loud what a majority of the American people think or say among themselves.

“So Trump basically said things about Hillary Clinton that you just don’t hear Republicans saying,” Rush explained to the listeners of his daily radio program.

“But you just do not hear Mitt Romney say this, for example.  You wouldn’t hear the Bush family talk this way about Hillary.  You wouldn’t. You just wouldn’t hear it,” he added.

Rush noted that most establishment and elitist Republicans wouldn’t have said what Trump said because it hits too close to home for many of them, as they are just as complicit in the issues about which Trump hit Clinton.


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