BREAKING: Kentucky Makes EPIC Move to Defy Black Lives Matter – Do You Support?

After everything Black Lives Matter has done to terrorize this country and its citizens, it’s about time a state finally stood up to them!

Matt Bevin, the governor of Kentucky, just signed a bill, unofficially titled the “Blue Lives Matter” bill, that makes attacking a first responder or a police officer a hate crime, via Fox News.

This bill will become law in the summer of this year.

Kentucky is the second state to pass such a bill. After a gunman killed three police officers — and wounded three more — last year in Baton Rouge, Louisiana passed a similar law.

Kevin Bratcher, a state representative in Kentucky, was the first to propose the measure. His decision came when he realized that 64 officers were killed last year via gunfire — 23 more than there were in 2015! Of these 64 blue deaths, 21 of them were caused by ambushes.

It’s Bratcher’s hope that the new law will cut down on the number of attacks on police officers in his state, especially those coming from Black Lives Matter agitators.

“If you’re going to mess with our finest, the men and women in blue, firefighters, and EMT’s, then you’re going to get the full brunt of Kentucky law,” Bratcher warned.

In response, a Kentucky-based Black Lives Matter representative said, “[This bill is] so insensitive to the community of color and people who hate crime laws actually represent.” Aww, the poor terrorist got his feelings hurt. You know what’s really “insensitive” to We the People? Killing our law enforcement officers!

It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, or any color in-between — if you kill a cop, you’re a criminal! And if you kill a cop simply for BEING a cop, then that’s a hate crime, plain and simple.

Black Lives Matter has had a hand in killing more law enforcement officers than we can count. They’ve blocked our roads, destroyed our neighborhoods, and committed numerous violent acts, all with the intent of sending the police a “message.” It’s about time that city officials stood up and said “enough is enough!”

The leaders and members of Black Lives Matter need to learn that We the People are no longer going to stand for their violence or their whining. Kentucky is only the second state to pass a law to protect our cherished police officers, but they will NOT be the last!

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