Breaking: Ivanka Trump Is In Huge Trouble, Will You Pray For Her?

All the hatred directed by bitter liberals, who still clearly have not accepted the fact that Republican Donald Trump soundly defeated their candidate Hillary Clinton, toward Donald Trump and his family has inevitably taken a toll on some of them. Trump’s daughter Ivanka is not immune.

Ivanka is currently preparing to move to her new house in Washington, D.C. with her husband Jared Kushner and their three small children. This should be a joyous occasion for the young family, but disgusting liberal extremists are determined to make the family’s life hell.

On Monday, dozens of these angry liberal protesters showed up in front of Ivanka’s New York City home to take part in a protest called “Help Ivanka Move.” These protesters, who certainly were not there to actually help Ivanka in any way, gave Ivanka cardboard moving boxes with liberal slogans written on them about global warming, Black Lives Matter and abortion rights.

Said one particularly snarky caption, “Dear Ivanka, please don’t forget to pack human decency.” These protesters are also harassing Ivanka for her supposed continued role in the Trump organization.

They obviously did not listen to Ivanka’s statement where she said, “When my father takes office as the 45th President of the United States of America, I will take a formal leave of absence from The Trump Organization and my eponymous apparel and accessories brand. I will no longer be involved with the management or operations of either company.” Fortunately, Ivanka completely ignored these liberals and later put a picture of herself at Trump Tower on social media with the caption “Bright lights, big city,” using the hashtag “#datenight.” Will you pray for Ivanka and her family to stay strong against these liberal attacks?

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