BREAKING: Internet ERUPTS After Trump Asks Question During Debate That Has Hillary FREAKING OUT

FACT CHECK: Donald Trump Claims Clinton Was Responsible For the BRUTALLY VIOLENT Protests — Asks her to respond. She ignores him. Was it True? RULING: True. Video Verified. Clinton paid protesters at Trump’s rally in Chicago that left two cops injured and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

Clinton paid protesters at Trump’s rally in Chicago that left two cops injured and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.


The video proves, without a shred of doubt, that the Clintons are operating an illegal political network of operatives that they use to coordinate between their Super PACs and campaign in direct violation of campaign finance laws. More importantly, it shows that the Clinton campaign is directly involved in orchestrating violent uprisings at Trump rallies and demonstrations. They have been personally responsible for for hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars in damage. They have caused physical harm to scores of Americans. These were the Trump rallies that supporters like myself were duped into blaming Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter for.  It would appear that while some of these supports joined in with rabblerousers, they were not the instigators.  

“They have caused physical harm to scores of Americans” It’s up to you, dear reader, to stop her.


All so that some woman on a power trip and with a memorable last name can steal the most important political office in the free world — thousands of Americans have been framed, beaten, violated and uprooted. This is was a conspiracy of the highest order — to rob the American people of their will by using racial tensions and propaganda.

Unfortunately, it would seem that the American people are going to be responsible for their own knowledge-seeking endeavors. In the interest of seeing the work of James O’Keefe though, America’s Freedom Fighters humbly asks that you either share this article or the video linked below on your social medias accounts. There is no other way that the world with be able to obtain this information otherwise. Right now, there is a media black out on this content. If you want to see justice prevail, do not wait for the Justice Department.




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